Molcaworld bets on social responsibility

Within the social responsibility that has always characterized it, Molcaworld has participated this week in JOVE OPORTUNIT, a programme co-financed by the European Social Fund, whose aim is to reduce Early Educational Abandonment (AET).

Students in the program have visited Molcaworld facility, where he was able to learn first-hand the need for necessary training and specialization in the different professional profiles design, architecture, printing, administration, installation, Etc.

Guided by the company’s own CEO, Fran Carrasco, the students were very interested in topics like sport branding and discovered professions with a future, such as vinyl installers.

This is the third edition of JOOP in which it collaborates Molcaworld. Last year 610 young people participated in the programme group, 70 is currently studying or working. The JOVE OPORTUNITAT programme is being developed for 6 months in 75 municipalities of the Valencian Community. In each of the about 12 young people, aged between 16 and 21, receive training by a coach to motivate them and get them to perform a reflect on your vital project and re-study

Molcaworld has always had among its the society in which they live, actively contributing to improving the social, economic and environmental environment. A responsible investment that always it is mutually beneficial, as the company cannot grow without the support environment, and society needs the company to create wealth and job opportunities.