The new dress room of RCD Espanyol de Barcelona: tradition, modernity and innovation

Molcaworld was selected to create the comprehensive rebranding concept for the heart of the RCDE Stadium: the changing room and the players tunnel. The idea was to modernize the image of the club, always respecting the DNA of Espanyol, with aspects as deeply rooted as the club’s mascot, a bird that at the same time gives its name to the Spanish fans: “the parakeets”.

The locker room was designed in a circle, with the illuminated mascot presiding over the ceiling. An image was sought that would give the club prestige and that would invite players to belong to Espanyol, both current and future signings. In fact, Espanyol’s first winter signing was presented in the locker room. An image that attracted the attention of the soccer planet. And all with dynamic lighting, accompanied by music, designed for the stadium tour and fan engagement.

An interesting innovation was installed in the access corridor towards the changing room tunnel, which allows to see players the squad dressed in the different uniforms of the club as the visitors walk. An effect that favors the motivation of the players while being a very attractive visual element for visitors to the stadium tour.

The rebranding of the heart of the stadium, executed in just 2 weeks of work, has once again placed the RCDE Stadium on the covers of newspapers and sports programs around the world. A clear example of the convenience of a continuous updating of the image of the stadiums, regardless of their year of construction.

In fact, the figures obtained by the Molcaworld stadiums show a spectacular increase in ROI, an increase in additional income and a total involvement of the players. All this, in addition, together with extraordinary increases in attendance at stadiums that in some cases exceed 30%. Figures very similar to those achieved by building a new stadium.