The brake in the competitions due to the Coronavirus has caused great uncertainty in all sports clubs. Fortunately, the health problems of staff and active workers have been negligible in the sector. Still, long stays at home are generating some anxiety in players and managers. There is a desire to go out onto the playing field and to the offices of each club; there is a desire to work.


That is what we feel from Molcaworld, where we have not stopped designing the spaces and preparing the projects of the brands for various clubs. The break has provided the time that is normally lacking in the day to day to plan improvements in the marketing and profitability of sports venues. Much of that work is prior, often done in the backstage by marketing departments in close collaboration with Molcaworld. Now, therefore, it is the ideal moment for the creation of new concepts and the redistribution of spaces, focusing on profitability. Design work like the one seen in this 3D video of the rebranding project at the heart of RCDE Stadium, owned by Espanyol de Barcelona. A good example of how all that previous work is done, from weeks before the radical makeover of the installation, also carried out by Molcaworld. A vision of the future based on the DNA of each club, with profitability assured in the short term by the increase and loyalty of fans, exponential growth of ROI and the attraction for sponsors.