Covid stadiums by Molcaworld

The restart of La Liga after the Covid19 crisis has demanded extraordinary safety and hygiene conditions, with no acces for fans to the stadiums. A great inconvenience for the «theaters of dreams» in order to make the pandemic forget.

For this reason, clubs like Real Madrid, Atlético Osasuna and Levante UD came to Molcaworld in search of an innovative solution to the empty stands.

All three cases have in common that the main stadiums are undergoing renovation, so or they have either chosen to move to small provisional facilities, or they need to cover the works projecting a great brand image.

The Sadar case is paradigmatic. The mythical Osasuna stadium was undergoing a transformation to become the «Red Wall», taking advantage of the football competition’s stop. With the restart of La Liga, the risk of showing empty stands in a stadium under construction was very high. For this reason, it was decided to cover 100% of the stands with a continuous image of the fans. The racks were custom made following the winding forms of the stadium and installed in a record time.

The installation had to be removed after each match for the new stadium works would follow its pace, a requirement that further complicated the execution, since it prevented any non-provisional solution (welds, fixed structures, etc.). Above all this system, lightest elements will be placed with images generated by the Molcaworld design team. The result that could be seen in the Osasuna match against Atlético de Madrid was a real success recognized by professionals and the media.

The case of Real Madrid and Levante was a little different. Both decided to move to alternative stadiums and create their covid stadium image there.

Real Madrid opted for a mixed solution in their sports city in Valdebebas. To the computer-generated fans image would be added a solution for the stadium’s backdrops similar to that of the Sadar.

In addition, all the camera shots were themed with images of the main sponsors of the club. The overall result was a broadcast that made all the inconveniences caused by the pandemic and by the works in the Santiago Bernabéu be forgotten.

Levante UD moved to a small stadium with a running track that enhanced the players’ sense of loneliness. To solve this, a whole structure was created on top of the tartan covered with images of fans and sponsors of the club.

Technical areas and benches were also worked to ensure safety distances, generating a good television image. In addition, as Levante was a provisional guest at the stadium, the interior areas such as reception, changing rooms, corridors and press room were themed to make Levante feel at home.

The 3 stadiums were executed at the same time in record time. Design, engineering, installation work … and all with extraordinary safety and hygiene measures.

The great challenges demand creative, agile and innovative solutions. Something in which Molcaworld has once again demonstrated that it is a world leader.