Molcaworld awarded for her work at INCLIVA

Again Molcaworld has been the protagonist in Ramon Sayans Awards. Convened by FESPA Spain, the Sayans Awards select «projects of brightest and more creative printing works, demonstrating innovation and real accuracy.»

This time Molcaworld has been awarded silver (accésit) in the stamping large format textile category. The work attracts attention of walkers and drivers at one of the most important intersections in the city of Valencia. INCLIVA’s photography conveys the feeling of grandiosity of the canvas that seeks to establish the prestige of the Clinical Hospital among Citizens

The challenge customer-raised was to increase INCLIVA’s knowledge in Valencian society, in order to promote the research carried out by the Hospital Clinico institute. Therefore, it was a project with a strong social importance.

The change in image at the Hospital has raised concerns about learning more about INCLIVA, which promotes the arrival of more funding for research projects.

After being awarded in Spain, Molcaworld’s design and printing work will be eligible for FESPA Awards 2020, to be delivered in March in Madrid.

Precisely at the FESPA Awards 2019 Molcaworld has already achieved recognition for its textile column patent.

Molcaworld is one of the most recognized companies for the FESPA International Awards. In 2017, for example, it already won gold for rebranding the Valencia Basket pavilion