The world of politics is also interested in Molcaworld’s branding techniques.

The top representatives of «Ciudadanos» in Valencian Community, led by Toni Cantó, visited the facilities Molcaworld to learn, firsthand, the different processes that are involved in branding, from the creation of concept and design, to manufacturing and installation.

The visit was framed in a tour that is conducting the Orange party by the main SMEs of the Community Valencian a community to learn, first hand, the challenges and needs of companies to be competitive in a globalized economy.

Molcaworld’s mission, in fact, is to help compete with the companies with which it works by making it easier for its users or fans identify themselves with the brand’s values. One thing essential to create empathy, and customer loyalty.

Much of the effectiveness of trademarks creative and effective visual communication, one of the specialties Molcaworld.

The politics world is no stranger to that need to communicate with a simple Look. Politics Parties have long sought to identify themselves with colors and shapes in which their constituents feel represented. But at a juncture in which increasingly exists political options, correct visual communication becomes increasingly important.

That’s why experts are increasing their interest in moving to politic’s marketing the branding techniques that Molcaworld has perfected for years in stadiums and events across the World.