The first VIP experience in a press room

Who hasn’t ever imagined himself as a football storyteller, surrounded by famous sports journalists, asking coaches and glittering football stars? Molcaworld has made that dream of many fans come true in the new press room of Son Moix, rcD Mallorca. A new area located behind the cameras and photographers, with almost full visibility outwards, but practically invisible if you look at it from inside the room. A privileged place to listen to the words of your coach, but also all his gestures and expressions before the questions of the most recognized information professionals.

It is the first VIP experience of its kind in Spain, and one of the first in the world. An exclusive unforgettable moment for any fan.

The RCD Mallorca has entrusted Molcaworld with the concept, design and execution of the VIP areas. Thanks to this collaboration, the Son Moix stadium already enjoys this and many other exclusive experiences in the year of return to first division.

Soon new areas will see the light. A privilege that, like Mallorca, any team can enjoy. A small investment with a great and fast commercial return and with a huge acceptance by the fans of always and the new generations.