25 meters of light for glory

RCDE Stadium has a new stage. 10 rings of light focused the attention of the football planet in the moments leading up to the match between RCD Español and FC Barcelona. The 25 meters of the costume tunnel became the set of dreams in which Messi met face-to-face with Wu Lei, the Chinese star of the Spanish RCD. 3 long minutes in which the television cameras showed the white values to the whole world. A great set for marketing that no one left indifferent.


And once again, Molcaworld was behind this amazing design customized to pericico DNA. The dynamically lit arches are already the best claim for the stadium tour, as well as being a perfect setting for any marketing action of the club. But they also strongly motivate players. I’m sure this was one of the keys to the match between the Spaniard and the la La Liga leader, with the goal of Wu Lei’s final draw at the last moment of the match.

The arcs of light are the product of the imagination of the Molcaworld design team. These are exclusive hand-produced pieces for Spanish. From the rings illuminates the entire journey of the tunnel of changing rooms, creating an amazing effect that takes us to the biggest sporting events. The light is dynamic, it moves from side to side, leaving in view motivational slogans written in 4 languages, including Chinese.

On the sides of the rings, 2 service aisles remain anonymous in semi-darkness, leaving the absolute prominence to the players.

The tunnel ends in a rotating textile that, depending on the position, hides the rear service areas or opens to let vehicles, such as stretchers, through.

The result was praised in different national sports programs, highlighting the impact it generated on some Barca players, such as Gerard Piqué. A single television appearance, and the new costume tunnel at RCD Stadium had already become famous.

That’s Molcaworld’s specialty: making the club brand shine, generating rapid economic returns, while making fans and players proud.

With Molcaworld your club can also be 25 meters from the glory… and even less so.